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Zanesville, OH


Quotes From Former Customers

  • "Since I have been here and am now clean, I have had four job interviews."
  • "The parenting group is important to me. The creative activities we do are a big help to me and my family. I have recommended this place to my sister."
  • "I’m staying clean and my family situation has improved."
  • "It’s good to come to group and talk with others who have similar problems."
  • "I am thinking more clearly and understand that my activities can change my life dramatically."
  • "I am remaining a positive person, I am setting goals, and I am making wiser choices."
  • "I have my own apartment now and am in the process of getting a job that I’ve been trying to get for five months. I am now a better father and see my family more than I ever have before."
  • "My life has improved tremendously. I have been able to make clear and responsible decisions, something I have not done for a very long time."
  • "My life has been improved big time. I have gotten a lot of help through HOPE Court. I got my permit back today and am working on getting my license again. I’m also working on getting a job and housing."